Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Household Views in a Home

Where can you find a place to know
The things about life as you go through?
Where will you go if you wish to relax
After every endeavor in doing respective tasks?
Ah... the houses you have where you are at home
The places of laughters and struggles enjoined...

It's nice to be staying at home
You can freely use the things you own
It's nice to be sleeping in own room
As there is privacy as you lean on
Yeah... a home is always in your heart
As you meaningfully live in your home sweet house...

Here's a blog for you to share
Give your comments if your dare
As you will read good views about household
Things you can ponder on in every moment of time
Hey... Here are the household views in a home.
The venues of learning in this idea-filled world...

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