Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Strong Foundation

A family built in a strong foundation
Provides assets in the community;
Whatever is the time and situation
Life is there in the realm of purity...

A strong foundation is the understanding within -
The weaknesses and strengths are being considered;
The weaknesses are avoided and shortened
While the strengths are encouraged and lengthened...

Understanding that each one has unique personality
Is the way to enhancing family unity;
The needs are treated with impartiality -
The trend of justice and solidarity...

A strong foundation in the family depends on each one
Avoiding selfishness but thinking for the good of all;
It is not easy as it calls for good intention;
Good intention... the strong foundation for all...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Serving the Family

Serving the family is an opportunity
It is taking good care of the smallest unit of society
Children are there to be well-guided
As they are the future of family and community indeed

The lessons of the past have been the guiding light
In going through the way of knowing what's wrong and right
Parental discernment is in my mind
So I'll do my best to make everything right

It's alright to sacrifice as I have chosen it to be
Someday dreams would be attained by our family
There is just a need to strive everyday
Life will be nice and enjoyable I can say

Let this blog be an outlet of myself
So practical learnings would not be retained within myself
Thanks to my husband who encouraged me to be a blogger
As we are now together as internet writers

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I join blogging too

My husband is involved in blogging
While I take good care of our home
But I realize what good things blogging can do
So I decided to join too...

My husband is training me how to do blogging
After doing my household chores I could do a beautiful thing
A poem through which I could express myself
I like this literary art since I was a child who needed help...

Let me express my views in writing
Poetically I can always convey life's meaning
Though I am using simple words
It is something for me in my simple home...

I could see what blogging is doing to my husband
He is fulfilled to know he's having income
Though it is very small but it is increasing
Day after day he is striving to do his writing...

I am good in writing too
Though I always need the inspiration
Now that I know that blogging is giving something
I decided to join so I have this thing

I will treat blogging as my home-work now
This business of mine is a home-based generation of income
I know I could earn through this also
Additional to my family needs so my husband is so happy too...

I have my own identity
Personally I can express freely
Yes, my husband is there to support me
But this is a work of mine as I am home most of the time...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Household Views in a Home

Where can you find a place to know
The things about life as you go through?
Where will you go if you wish to relax
After every endeavor in doing respective tasks?
Ah... the houses you have where you are at home
The places of laughters and struggles enjoined...

It's nice to be staying at home
You can freely use the things you own
It's nice to be sleeping in own room
As there is privacy as you lean on
Yeah... a home is always in your heart
As you meaningfully live in your home sweet house...

Here's a blog for you to share
Give your comments if your dare
As you will read good views about household
Things you can ponder on in every moment of time
Hey... Here are the household views in a home.
The venues of learning in this idea-filled world...